The craziest dance show in the world

It is a show full of high spirits and esprit, full of desire for dancing, singing and music. It's simply the craziest dance show in the world. A collision of worlds combined with emotional diversity - an experience for the whole family with more than 105 minutes. Romantic partner acrobatics and dancing monkeys in game consoles come together at CRAZY. Take a look at a selection of impressions that can show the variety of the show even better.

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What CRAZY means to us…

In the first place, being crazy has something to do with courage. We not only want to prove ourselves but also to you as an audience and remind you how liberating and inspiring it can be to follow the path of enthusiasm, the enthusiasm of the heart. The courage to be different and to think differently, to follow your own inner truth without compromise is not always so easy. It takes a certain degree of craziness to create something new, to change borders, views or perspectives, to just move something! Doubts and fears are part of the process, just as they are part of life. But these are exactly the challenges that we continue to grow with!

With this show we show you what we as artists experience every day. A story of honesty to yourself: Who am I? Who do I want to be? Creating yourself. Taken intuitively by this something, this feeling, this urge, deep inside, which you have probably already felt ...

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